How to install Hadoop 2.7.0 on MacOS with Yarn

This post will describe the Hadoop 2.7.0 installation on MacOS in simple steps. Let’s see how to do that: 1) First download the Hadoop-2.7.0.tar.gz. You can download it from here . Or you can go to the downloads page of Hadoop: 2) Untar the file by using command: tar -xvf hadoop-2.7.0.tar.gz It will extract […]


How to add a user in Mac OS using Terminal

Here I will show you the steps to add a user in the Mac OS using Terminal / Command Prompt in simple steps. 1) Open up the terminal window. 2) Create a user by using command: dscl . create /Users/hadoop If you get error like: <main> attribute status: eDSPermissionError <dscl_cmd> DS Error: -14120 (eDSPermissionError) Just […]


How to install DataStax DevCenter on MacOS for Cassandra

1) Go the dowload page of DataStax 2) Go bottom down the page and select DEVCENTER Visual Query Tool. 3) Select 64 bit for MacOS. It will start downloading. 4) Extract the file contents tar -xzvf Documents/DevCenter-1.3.1-macosx-x86_64.tar.gz 5) Go to the extracted folder and click on DevCenter icon to launch. 6) The DevCenter window […]

How to install Cassandra on MacOS

1) Download the Apache Cassandra from the below provided link this example I am referring Cassandra 2.1.5 verison.2) Now unzip the folder by using command: tar -xzvf $PATH/apache-cassandra-2.1.5-bin.tar.gz It will extract the tar file in the folder. 3) All the logs will go in the log folder which is configured by conf/logback.xml ~/cassandra/logs 4) […]

How to install MongoDB 3.0.3 on Mac OS

How to install MongoDB 3.0.3 on Mac OS MongoDB is one of the popular NoSQL database being used.  It is document oriented database.  The BSON objects are being stored in the database. The high documentation support and easy to learn are the key features for its popularity.  It provides great combination with Node.js. Let us […]