How to install DataStax DevCenter on MacOS for Cassandra

1) Go the dowload page of DataStax

2) Go bottom down the page and select DEVCENTER Visual Query Tool.

3) Select 64 bit for MacOS. It will start downloading.

4) Extract the file contents

tar -xzvf Documents/DevCenter-1.3.1-macosx-x86_64.tar.gz

5) Go to the extracted folder and click on DevCenter icon to launch.

6) The DevCenter window will be opened

7) To create a connection to the Cassandra server, right click on the Connections explorer and click on ‘New Connection’.

8) A window will be opened asking details for creating the connection

Provide the connection name and contact hosts and then click on Add button. The default address on which Cassandra database runs is with port 9042.

8) This will create connection. Right click on the connection name and click on Open Connection option.

9) This will open the connection with the database. Open new CQL script window and provide queries over there to perform operations on Cassandra database.

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